Gruen Watches Value

The Gruen Watch Company was one of the greatest watch manufacturers in the USA. It was founded in 1908 by German-born watchmaker Dietrich Grün, who altered the spelling of his name to “Gruen” because the letter ü doesn’t exist in English.

Gruen watches, which have been manufactured from 1904 through 1917, were one of the most expensive watches in the usa. It can be exceedingly high in value now, if a Gruen watch is in good shape. The VeriThin pocket view, among the signature watches of Gruen, could be valued at $1,250. The UltraThin pocket watch may vary from $9,000 to $31,000, whereas the Ultra-VeriThin, the less expensive but similar version of this UltraThin, has a value of roughly $2,500.

Men’s wristwatches had overtaken pocket watches though wristwatches were not yet considered appropriate for formal dress. Gruen pointed out in advertising that if a customer wanted to be correctly fashionable, he needed to possess a wristwatch and a pocket watch. They helpfully quoted police on etiquette that supported this claim. Gruen offered watch boxes which held one watch of each kind.

Gruen was not the only companysome of their competitors went out of business. Hardest-hit were companies which had failed to move into the wristwatch marketplace, like Hampden Howard and South Bend, all three of which folded during this time.

Among the prestigious and most important watch makers that are American was the Gruen Watch Company, based by a brilliant group of Dietrich horologists and Fred Gruen. Among the first companies to market wristwatches, the Gruens divide their production between two continents, bringing Swiss and German traditions of craftsmanship into America, and exporting American technology to Switzerland and Germany.

Dietrich was born in 1847, in Osthofen, Germany, also started his profession at age 15. In 1867 he went to America and settled near Columbus, Ohio. A guy, Dietrich has been awarded his first watchmaking patent in 1874.

Watches in the late 1800s were big and heavy. Dietrich strove to make his watches bigger, thinner and more comfortable to carry in a vest pocket, without sacrificing reliability or accuracy. The 1904 Gruen VeriThin pocket view was a major breakthrough; Dietrich was able to rearrange parts to attain a thinner watch though it had the important parts as a movement. From this stage on, Gruen specialized in thin pocket watches.

Gruen was among the first companies to create wristwatches — both men’s and women’s models were introduced in 1908, but the men’s versions were a huge commercial failure; men at the time considered wristwatches effeminate and refused to put on them.

(Gruen watch) The Gruen Watch Company was previously one of the greatest watch makers in the United States. It was in business from about 1894 to 1958 and was established in Cincinnati, Ohio.

By rearranging pieces of this watch movement, Gruen was able to earn a wristwatch which was only approximately 7 mm thick– evena third slimmer than most watches–although fulfilling railroad watch precision standards, the most exacting accuracy tests of the time. Unlike most other businesses, its watches were sold by Gruen .

Gruen introduced its first wristwatches for women and men. From the beginning, women’s wristwatches sold better, starting with a model. This wristwatch was shaped exactly like a pocket watch but had straps. Girls could wear it as a pocket watch, as a wristwatch, on a chain, or etc.

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