Casio FC 200V vs HP 12C 

Talking about a financial calculator is not the same as talking about the other calculator. There are more things there that you need to look into. First, ensure the financial calculator you’re looking for matches your needs and requirements. Second, look after the other specs that may be suitable with you and make your day to day task more convenient. Third, whether the calculator is providing you with comfort or not. Then, you also need to compare the feature with price and so on. 

Key Points on Financial Calculator

Financial needs differ depending on the positions you’re currently on. One might fit another but It’s also applicable the other way around. Be careful on buying one because It might be sophisticated but not suit your needs and It’s surely become a waste. There’s one for an accountant which is divided more into a bank accountant, insurance, trading, and etc. There’s also for science colleagues students or lecturers which is more into physics, biologi, or chemistry. And we can’t forget about our economics colleagues as well. Is it for management, tax, and so on. Or even technical people like architecture, electronics, and so on. Look, It’s more than you currently think, right. Okay so, let’s start with understanding what Casio FC 200V and HP 12C are providing you first. 

How can Casio FC 200V fit your needs? 

Casio is one of the most familiar and famous calculator brands that most people know. It’s always available in the store or even online that has high search volume. Because It’s become a habit in which once people think about buying a calculator then They will search for Casio. But, a good brand is not always guaranteed that you’re looking for the correct one. When you’re looking for a financial calculator and search for Casio FC 200V, you’re already in the correct boost. Read also: Casio FX 115ES Plus vs FX 991EX.

Through Its tagline, Casio FC 200V brings you powerful, original, financial features of financial calculators. It has pretty useful features in such direct mode key and new operation, and shortcut key. For Direct mode key and new operation, you can get depreciation in which you can calculate in a very straight line method, fixed, percentage, sum of the year digind and even declining balance method. The next you’ll have a bond calculation where It shows you how you can calculate bond purchase price and annual rate of yield just by date or period input. Don’t be too excited in the first round. It also has break even point calculation in which you can calculate sales and leverage within the break even point. 

Casio FC 200VHP 12C 
Product Dimensions8.39 x 5.91 x 1.38 inches
0.5 x 3.1 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight3.88 ounces
6.4 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The next feature mentioned is when you can use a shortcut key to ease your daily task. You have access to the educational resources available in the calculator where you can access activities, font sets, and support software. You also have support to download free trial options, presentation tools, FAQ, manual, and many other great features you can use. 

When It comes to price, this calculator offers you an affordable cost about $29.91 or 438.000,-00 IDR. With a full dot-4-line display where It allows you to easily input, confirm, change and correct each parameter, the price is worth it. In terms of product dimension, this Casio FC 200V is quite handy because It has 8.39 x 5.91 x 1.38 inches and weighs around 3.88 ounces. 

Why do you need to consider HP12C as well? 

HP 12C is also a very straight forward financial calculator made by HP. It cost you more than Casio FC 200V. So let’s start comparing them. It must be a reason why this calculator costs you more. First, in term of feature, it gives you an easy way to calculate loan payments, interest rates, and conversions, standard deviation, percent, TVM (Time Value of Money), NPV (Net Present Value), IRR (Internal Rate of Return), cash flows, bonds, and many more. Looking from the feature, HP 12C is more suitable for someone who works for real estate, finance, accounting, economics, and any other business works. It shares your features not only in terms of selling but also business planning. HP as a brand is famous as well as Casio but probably in a different kind of category. Casio is well known for It’s calculator but HP is more into PC while It’s actually a lot more products they have. 

Alright, moving to the use, comfortability, this calculator offers you a unique yet also easy and handy. It doesn’t look like the way scientific calculators always are. It has a landscape design with a more visible button for you to handle. It’s easy to use because It has layout which makes you easy to read since It has labels on top of each button as well. You can directly select a business function you would like to handle to activate the formula. If you’re looking for more future use and necessity where you don’t know exactly yet what is your priority when It comes to calculators, this one can help you. It delivers a great mix of statistics, business, and math functions into the same platform. 

Casio FC 200V vs HP 12C 

- Cost/sell/margin, investment appraisal, amortization
- Converts between percentage interest rate and effective interest rate
- Simple and compound interest calculations, depreciation
- Slide-on hard case; solar power with battery back-up
- Easy-to-use layout helps prevent typing errors for efficient data entry
- More than 120 built-in functions help you easily make variety of calculations
- Power-off memory protection keeps your data safe
Perfect for real estate, finance, accounting, business and more

Which one is a good one? 

As mentioned before, HP 12C costs you more. The price states around $59.99 or 878.000,-. It cost more than double the price of Casio FC 200V but compared to Its feature. It’s worth it that way. It’s just your decisions and requirements whether It fit or not. If not and you buy this one, then It’s a waste of course and you will get overwhelmed by the feature you’re not familiar with and not use as well.

Comparing both of products might stress you out, but you need to be sure on what you’re looking for. If you know what you need, you can go to Casio FC 200V. Otherwise, if you have more budget to go and you’re not sure what calculator must fit you now and in the future, you can go with HP 12C. It differs your needs into one platform but don’t worry as you still can dive into it. As It blends all the deep features not just the surface. Know your needs, and know your budget is the key. 

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