Casio FX 115ES Plus vs FX 991EX

Casio has expanded its product into the scientific calculator with some new features and functions that will not disappoint you. This time, we have two famous types of Casio. They are the FX115ES Plus and FX 991EX series. Both of them have specific features than another doesn’t have it.

There are so many brands of the calculator in the market, but Casio has always become everyone’s favorite. Let’s take a deeper look over the Casio FX 115ES Plus and FX 991EX. After that, we can decide which one has the best features to improve your calculation need.

Casio FX 115ES Plus

Casio FX 115ES Plus is the type of scientific calculator that has the best features to help you solve your calculus problem. The calculation mode comes with a linear and textbook input or output with a prime factorization of integers system. These features are perfect for your calculation needs. Read also: CX CAS vs TI Nspire CX.

Casio FX 115ES Plus comes with some calculus mode such as numeric derivative, definite integrals, summation, and many more. The complex numbers such as the arithmetic, polar or rectangular versions can be converted perfectly. The [ENG] pad can be functions as the imaginary unit such as shift for an angle.

Casio FX 115ES Plus compatibles with general math, trigonometry, statistic, algebra I and II, calculus, engineering, and physics. It is perfect for a high schooler and college student. They will have less worry to solve their calculation problem. It can answer the problem very fast and quickly than any other scientific calculator in the market.

Casio FX 115ES PlusCasio FX 991EX
Product Dimensions0.44 x 6.38 x 3.15 inches
0.4 x 6.5 x 3 inches
Shipping Weight3.35 ounces
3.2 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Casio FX 115ES Plus is available for purple and silver color which is so bright color and will not bore you. The keyboard is very soft to press and has tactile features. It has a comfortable size so you won’t get any mistake by pressing the wrong key. It is great to finish any calculus exam with the exact result on the screen. 

The LCD comes from Casio FX 115ES Plus has 96 x 31 pixels of displays screen. This is perfect to show the result of your calculation and you will see the right value there. It is very nice to read the result without any difficulties found. The decimal and fractions will show perfectly and not have any blur to see.

Casio FX 115ES Plus comes with some extras tools such as natural textbook display, over 280 function manual guide, and has a matrix and vector calculations. It has an LRR-44 battery type as the power source. It also the built-in solar-cell system that makes it greater than any other scientific calculator.

Casio FX 115ES Plus is made in Japan with a simple design. The dimension is very light with only 6.38 x 3.15 x 0.44 inches and 3.4 oz of weight. This is very nice to put in your bag without taking any space. The price also comes in a reasonable way that starts from US$35 in Amazon.

Casio FX 991EX

Casio FX 991EX is a great scientific calculator that will support you to solve your math or any calculation problem. It has a simple design and very easy to use for students or college needs. They will finish their assignments faster than before while not using this calculator with the right answer.

Casio FX 991EX comes with a simple design that gives the optimization for education needs. It emphasizes the comfortable in your grip, usability, and legibility functions. You will find the soft keypad on it with very tactile pads. You will not miss any wrong numbering press anymore. The details of the pads are just perfect to use.

A rounded design key from Casio FX 991EX is the best to find a comfortable way of calculation problems. It is very comfortable to hold and fit perfectly to your hand with the slim body that built on its. The attachable and detachable hard case is great to use in any directional move.

Casio FX 991EX has to wear resistance printing on the keyboard. The size of the key has 20% larger than the other calculator. It made from high quality and durable material that keeps good resistance. It also has a great resistance body even if you drop it for a higher place. It compliant with the RoHS environment friendly that meets with a standard regulation.

Casio FX 991EX has an authentical product with a barcode right behind the calculator. You can check it by scanning the barcode of the hologram sticker that appears on it. The QR code will verify the result if it is a genuine product. This is helpful to avoid the fake product that may you take.

Casio FX 991EX offers a textbook manual to guide you so that you can use it properly. It is very simple to learn and you only need to follow the instruction that written there. If you get any difficulties, you can access the Casio web to find a way to learn calculation in a fun way.

The dimension of Casio FX 991EX comes in a great size with only 0.4 x 6.5 x 3 inches and 3.2 ounces of weight. This also has a reasonable price on Amazon that starts from US$15.

Casio FX 115ES Plus vs FX 991EX

- Perfect choice for high school and college students
- Natural Textbook Display is highly visible
- Protective hard case keeps calculator from being damaged
- Powered by solar power and features battery backup supply for reliable use
- High-resolution LCD shows more of your work to minimize scrolling
- Advanced calculations let you quickly work through multi-step problems
- Online Visualization provides fast representation of data for entire class
- 2-way power ensures reliable use in any setting

Which One Do You Prefer?

Both Casio FX 115ES Plus and FX 991EX have most of the same features but have specific differences. As the Casio FX 115ES Plus is the newer version of the FX 991Ex, this means the features have better than the older ones. That is why we jump into the conclusion that Casio FX 115ES Plus is better than FX 991EX.

Something is missing on the FX 991EX features such as the LCM, GCD, reminder division, and recurring decimals. But, these issues are not found in Casio FX 115ES Plus. These functions are work perfectly without any matters found. Besides, it has a faster processor to make the result faster than the FX 991EX.

The spreadsheet mode and separate x variable button are amazing to use from Casio FX 115ES Plus. The button size also has bigger that perfect to your fingertips. Besides. The OPTN pads will help you the most to save your time. With all of these features, make it worth to buy.


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