Hp 10bii vs Hp 12C

Nowadays calculator digital is available in most smartphones. But calculator manual still becomes the most popular than the digital ones. People more comfortable using the manual calculator to solve their calculation problem. That is why HP still stood on the market as the best financial calculator until now.

This time we have two special series from HP that will not timeless. They are HP 10bii and 12C. Both of them have a specific feature so you may confuse to take one of them. Let’s take a deeper look into them so we can decide which one has the best features to solve your calculation value.

HP 10bii

HP 10bii offers an exact calculation with the great features manufacturers on its. These tools will help you the most to solve any calculation in your daily work. It has a beautiful design and bright color so that you will not be bored with it. Besides, the combination of the color between the keyboard and the body is great to looks at. Read also: HP 10bii vs 10bii+.

The function tool on the HP 10bii is brightly nice to use. The keypad is not hard to press because of features with a comfortable key. The financial keystrokes are very easy to use such as to solve the time value of money is straight forward. It has the same menu to solve some margins, markup, or profits calculation that you need.

HP 10bii offers the two date styles that come with a U.S and British style. For U.S. style the format will be mm.dd.yyyy, and for the British style, the format will be dd.mm.yyyy. The days between dates are available to make some additional dates you want to find. It is very easy to use and you will find anything you need there.

Hp 10biiHp 12C
Product Dimensions7 x 1 x 10 inches
3.1 x 6 x 5.1 inches
Shipping Weight8 ounces
3.7 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

HP 10bii operates the algebraic entry mode to solve the mathematical problem. It has the label of ALG to solve some calculation problems such as parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. You get easier while solving every calculation needs. It is perfect to help you finish your work immediately.

The memory capacity of HP 10bii has up to 22 strings of keys capacity. It can hold up to 12 digits of the character in the LCD. This memory capacity is great to save your calculation in big value. It is perfect to use so that you can count more as much as the value you need the most.

HP 10bii offers some great functions that ideal for business math, finance, statistic, or any calculation that need to calculate with this calculator. It has some formula that already available there to help you finish your calculation quickly. It comes with a profitability function, interest rate conversion, and calculate the time for money.

The dimension of HP 10bii is about 3.6 x 0.2 x 5.6 inches which is very lightweight to carry. It is very simple to put on your bag without need any space. The price also comes with a reasonable price that starts from US$12 on Amazon. It comes with a slipcase and manual book to guide you.

HP 12C

HP 12C is the type of financial calculator that helps you the most to finish your job done faster than before. This type is the oldest one of HP calculators type but has the best features as always up to date from time to time. It has a low key point with unchanged and highly functional features.

HP 12C offers three-button sized of camera batteries as the newest version of the Lithium battery. It can hold up for a long time of use so that you have less worry about the source power of its. You will not have to replace any battery as long as you use this calculator.

HP 12C offers a good resistance material so that it will not break or crack easily even you drop it on the floor. The material has a shock resistance function to avoid the crack on the screen or the body. This type is sturdy enough than other calculators in the market.

HP 12C made for financial calculation, that is why it features with computable formulas. It made to support your job done quickly and no need to struggle with the result of your calculation. The pre-programmed computational formula is very useful to improve your calculation skill. You will not miss any value to get the exact value of your calculation.

HP 12C comes with the broad appeal gadget that uses by most accountants, auditors,  controllers, financial students, and many more. It provides the most of the formulas that they need the most such as discount cash flow, lease vs buy, time value of money, and mortgage amortization.

HP 12C has the reverse polish notation method to support the right answer to your calculation problem. It combines with the algebraic entry data to make the perfect computational functions. These features come at a reasonable price starts from US$54 in Amazon. Comes with the simple dimension is about 5 x 3.1 x 0.5 inches and 6.4 ounces makes this calculator very easy to carry.

Hp 10bii vs Hp 12C

- Over 100 built-in functions
- Algebraic data entry
- Intuitive keyboard layout with easy-to-read labels
- Adjustable contrast display
- Keystroke programming, up to 400 steps
- Simple, easy-to-read 1-line-by-10-character display
- Rpn and algebraic data entry
- HP has taken the industry-standard, world-renowned HP 12C and improved it

Which One Do You Prefer?

If you need an effective financial calculator then HP is the best brand that comes for it. It has the best features such as on the 10bii and 12C series. Both of them have specific features and functions, but the 12C has more functional than 10bii types.

As the feature comes from HP 12C has evolved with new technology from time to time, it makes this type has stood out that any other financial calculator in the market. it also has never disappointed us in the exact calculation result it made. You will not miss any single of a mistake by using this type of 12C.

The complex function of HP 12C integrates with two methods of this calculator type. They are the algebraic entry data and reverse polish notation method. While the 10bii only uses the algebraic entry data method, which makes the 12C more functional. That is why it is worth to pick the HP 12C than 10bii.

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