HP 12C vs HP 12C Platinum

HP 12C Platinum is an enhanced calculator of HP 12C. HP 12 c is an old model of HP 12C Platinum and has been the industry’s leading financial calculator for over 30 years, but since HP 12C Platinum has been launched, people are moving to an improved model. Why? To find out the answer, we will do a comparison between Hp 12C Vs Hp 12C Platinum. Let’s read on.

– The introduction of HP’s calculator
– The functions and the specifications

According to HP, HP 12C Platinum edition is capable of processing up to 6 times faster than its predecessor. The superior processing power of HP 12C Platinum means it can handle 400 steps in programming key presses while the HP 12C is only 99. The superior processing power of 12C HP Platinum means it can handle 12C of HP. HP 12C can store up to 20 cash flows while HP 12C Platinum can store 80.

Functions and Specifications
HP 12C Platinum has 10 more innate functions than HP 12C, with a total of 130 functions compared to 120 on the HP 12C calculator. However, both offer similar financial functions, such as TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flow, amortization, depreciation and bond-related issues such as bond prices and yields to maturity. Both also include the most important statistical functions such as cumulative statistical analysis of numbers, linear regression and standard deviations.

HP 12C has only one entry mode, that is RPN, or “Reverse Polish Notation”. However, the HP 12C Platinum has two entry modes – RPN which is easier to use, and Algebra mode. RPN is a system owned by HP type calculators, this system is very powerful and when mastered it can save keystrokes so save your time. This means you do not need to use parentheses in your calculations. RPN mode also shows intermediate results in your calculations, which makes calculations easier to trace. (See Also : HP 35S vs Texas Instruments TI-36X)

However, while RPNs can be more efficient, it’s not for everyone and the average user might find it simpler to use the simpler Algebraic mode, which is only available on HP 12C Platinum. Either way, Platinum users can enjoy the versatility of both the entry modes available to them.

HP 12C Platinum has “Backspace” and “Undo” functionality while HP 12C does not. If you make a mistake when using HP 12C, there is no way to remove individual characters – you must delete the entire item and re-enter it.

In the Platinum model there is an “Undo” function that allows you to recover data you just deleted. So, every time you delete data, an undo status indicator appears on the screen giving you this option.

Both calculators have one 10-digit line of LCD screen but newer models come with adjustable contrast while 12C display can’t be adjusted. The HP 12C weighs more than HP 12C Platinum, about 4.09 ounces (116g) compared to 3.7 ounces (104 g) including the battery.

HP 12C vs HP 12C Platinum

NameHP 12CHP 12C Platinum
Key Features- Calculator with built-in financial functions and statistics - Uses Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) - More than 120 built-in functions, including register-based cash-flow analysis - RPN and algebraic data entry - Simple, easy-to-read 1-line-by-10-character display - Over 130 built-in business, financial, statistical, and math functions

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HP’s 12C Platinum seems the best option is getting an enhanced HP 12C. It works much faster, comes with more memory and has better functionality. The final choice is HP’s 12C Platinum.

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