HP 15C vs 11C

Scientific calculators are needed by many people whether you are an engineer, professional accountant or those works with complicated functions as well as students taking a difficult math, statistic, or science class. If you are one of those, owning a scientific calculator will help you deals with complex equation and make things more manageable. In today HP 15C vs 11C article, we are going to compare both of these calculator to give you information regarding what you can expect from them.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
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– HP 15C vs 11C

About HP 15C
Taken from Wikipedia, HP 15C was actually released more than three decades ago and was actually a high-end programmable calculator of HP Voyager series that has been produced between 1982 and 1989. The original model was no longer available today due to being discontinued in 1989 and the one in our article today is the newer model Limited Edition that was launched in 2011. Since this is the successor of its predecessor, you can expect many similar thing still kept similar but also with some differences.

HP 15C Design
Looking at HP 15C from the outside, it looks like your regular calculator and there is nothing special about the straight forward sleek appearance with a landscape format. The item is measures at 0.6 x 5.1 x 3.1 inches and weigh around 1.6 pounds. The layout is also straightforward and designed to be user friendly or easy to remember as well as easy to carry around. This calculator is powered by 3 piece of 1.5 volt button-cell type.

HP 15C Features
As it has been mentioned earlier, HP 15C comes with some improvement from the original model. This one comes with the 12C model hardware and when combined with the portability as well as RPN mode, it makes the calculator suitable for engineers as it provides complex computation operations, such as complex numbers, matrix operations, differentiation, integration, and root problems. What’s boosted in this model is of course the speed. It is said that the calculator can answers complex problems in a glimpse of an eye.

Problems such as integration of polynomial functions and factorial of non-integers are an easy task for HP 15C. If talking about how fast it is compared to the older model, this one is 100 times faster in performance. One thing that make it better is the palpable response of the keys, which is another HP big achievement. This model comes with detailed manual about how to use the calculator for your desired calculations in a attractive collectible box as well as instruction CD for your convenience.

Another improvement is the display. If compared to the older model, the display now is wider and of course with better contrast while the processor itself can be quickly started up and shut down. Many people are having good experience with the calculator mostly praising the build quality and keys fell. The manual also very helpful and makes the item easier to use especially for new users. However, there is also bug problem that also annoy some users, but the company should be able to fix it with firmware updates.

About HP 11C
HP 11C is also an old model of Voyager Series by Hewlett Packard. This scientific calculator falls into the mid-range programmable calculator, which is above the lowest featured calculator in the line 10C but not as popular as 12C, which is also not available anymore today and even if they are, the price should be pretty high. Of course you can’t get the item in fully unused new form, but there are many sellers out there offering them in preloved condition. However, you have to prepare to pay a pretty high price if you are interested.

HP 11C Design
As what you can expect from a more than 3 decades old calculator, this one looks indeed classic in a combination of black and silver material. The build is sleek but looks rugged probably because of the textured finish. The layout is very easy to understand and user friendly similar to many other Voyager series. The item measures at 4.8 x 3.4 x 1 inches and weigh around 12.8 ounces. It is powered using 357 silver oxide batteries or similar. Read also: TI 89 vs TI 82 here.

HP 11C Features
This model comes with all the features in 10C model but also has hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic trig functions, probability (combinations and permutations), factorial, absolute value, and % change as well as backspace and a random number generator. The HP 11C can be said more advance in programming capabilities than its lower model because it provides label addressing (0-9 and A-E), 8 conditional test, increment or decrement loops, subroutines (nestable to 4 deep), as well as 2 flags.

In the editing side, this scientific calculator has implied insert which means the instructions entered won’t overwrite the current instruction and you will also able to delete easily with backspace key. HP 11C gives indirection via I register that was controlled by STOring or RCLing. The indirection is allowed on GSB, STO, RCL, GTO, the display modes and exchange that means exchange X with the register indicated by i. This register can also be used with “Increment the Skip if Greater” and “Decrement the Skip if less than or Equal”.

The HP 11C also has limited user definable keyboard. When the calculator is in user mode indicated by the USER annunciator in the display, the gold shifted labels A-E were swapped with unshifted math function on the same key to give you 5 user programs called with single keystrokes.

Now, let’s compare HP15C with 11C. From the name itself, we can see that 15C is the higher model, so it will has more capabilities than the lower mid-range. It able to manipulate complex number and is better at programming as well as come with ARM technology like in 12C hardware. It also superior in recall arithmetic, root finder, numeric integration, and matrix operation.

HP 15C vs 11C

NameHP 15CHP 11C
Key Features- The classic HP 15c scientific calculator - The classic HP 15C scientific calculator - Simple, intelligent design. Advanced scientific features - It has unique HP RPN - It has portable, user-friendly layout- Great compact thin scientific calculator made by HP back in the day has slip cover - One of the best scientific calculators HP ever made

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it is better to pick whichever took your interest and which is more convenient for you. However, we can conclude that 15C is the better model since it is built with more high-end features than 11C. The price is also higher but if you want the better between them and willing to spend the money, we will highly recommend you HP 15C.

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