Texas Instruments BA II Plus vs HP 12C

In this article, we will discuss about two models approved by the CFA Institute for the exam. They are Texas Instruments BA II Plus and Hewlett-Packard 12C. They are pretty good for financial courses and CFA exams, but if you’re looking for some difference between them, before you choose them for your exam you can check all the specs below.

– The introduction of Texas Instruments BA II Plus vs HP 12C
– The overview of the items
– The capability of these calculators

The HP 12c is a slightly older calculator model than the Texas Instruments model. This type of calculator is slightly more expensive than the Texas Instrument model and is a bit different from the scientific and financial calculators. While Texas Instruments BA II Plus has an affordable price and easy to use. You can also use this calculator for various financial certifications, such as FRP or ERP, and even in your work as a professional finance. See also the comparisons between HP 35S vs Texas Instruments TI-36X.

Overview of HP 12C
HP 12C is a classical financial calculator. It is a little bit old calculator, it’s has been around for 30 years. This model quite popular and has lots of fans in the banking community. HP 12C is one of the best calculators because it is very fast but not as fast as TI BAII plus.

Overview of Texas Instruments BAIIPLUS
Texas Instruments BAIIPLUS is a pretty good calculator used for financial courses and CFA exams. We can say that this calculator is a relatively inexpensive financial calculator that performs basic financial calculations like IRR and NPV.

The Capability
BAIIPLUS is the original model of Texas Instruments. Although it is faster than HP 12C, it is not as fast as the platinum model in terms of processing speed. However, the operating system is easier to learn and more intuitive. It also supports permutation combinations and formulas (nCr) and (cPr).

Texas Instruments BAIIPLUS is an easy-to-use calculator model. The CFA calculator is a CFA calculator. Meanwhile, it is relatively easy to learn basic functions. Samples of Kaplan classes use this particular model which makes it easy to follow.

Meanwhile, HP 12C is a superior financial functioning ability. It has fewer keystrokes to accomplish the same task. But the Keyboard is insensitive when compared to BIPIPLUS.

HP 12C comes with a size of 5 x 3 inch pocket size. But, since it is light and does not come with their “rubber feet”, the calculator tends to waver when you try to push a button with one hand. If you do not mind holding a calculator with your hand, that’s not a problem

When it comes to price, we can say that HP 12C is more expensive than Texas Instruments BAIIPLUS. So that’s why many people choose this model.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus vs HP 12C

NameTexas Instruments BA II Plus HP 12C
Key Features- Depreciation with four different methodologies - Breakeven, profit and percent difference calculations - Second key feature to calculate terms fast- Efficient data entry using RPN - Small size; easy to take anywhere - Long battery life, robust and versatile financial calculator

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If you have not got the differences from the above reasons, TI BA II plus is really the best calculator for the CFA exam. It is much easier to use and a bit cheaper. TI BA II plus may require more keystrokes to calculate the NPV and as a result, it takes 0.5 seconds to complete the computation. It will not make any difference in your exam.

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