Texas Instruments TI-89 vs TI-89 Titanium

TI-89 and TI-89 Titanium are two graphics calculators developed by Texas Instruments (TI). They are distinguished from most other IT graphing calculators by their computer algebra system, which allows the symbolic manipulation of equations of algebraic equations to be solved in terms of variables. To know the differences between them, please read the article below.

– The overview between Texas Instruments TI-89 vs TI-89 Titanium
– The user features Texas Instruments TI-89 vs TI-89 Titanium

Overview of Texas Instruments IT-89
TI-89 is a graphical calculator. TI-89 has a 160×100 pixel LCD screen resolution and a large amount of flash memory and includes Advanced Mathematics Software IT. TI-89 is one of the highest IT calculator products.

TI-89 runs on a 16-bit microprocessor, which runs nominally at 10, 12 MHz, depending on the hardware version of the calculator. There is 256 kB of total RAM for each unit and 2 MB of flash memories (700 kB available to users) allocated by Texas Instruments. To store expression, variables, programs, tables, text files, and lists can be stored in RAM and Flash ROM.

Overview of TI-89 Titanium
TI-89 Titanium calculator is also a new graphics calculator that offers RAM and speeds up to 16 MHz, which runs at speeds between 12.85 to 14.1 MHz. It looks faster than the TI-89 type calculator. This versatile graph calculator features advanced functionality and 3-D graphics that make troubleshooting for math and advanced machine engineering easier. The built-in Computer Algebra System (CAS) allows you to explore and manipulate mathematical expressions in symbolic form.

User Features
The main advantage that can be seen from TI-89 is a low-tech IT calculator in its computer algebra system or CAS. However, the calculator can evaluate and simplify algebraic expressions symbolically. The ability of TI-89 is not only there, TI-89 is also able to see the expression algebra factor, including partial fraction decomposition, algebraic simplification, evaluation of the trigonometric expression to an exact value.

In addition to the standard two-dimensional plot function, it can also generate graphs of parametric equations, polar equations, plot sequences, differential equation fields, and three-dimensional functions (two independent variables).

TI-89 is also programmed directly in a language called TI-BASIC, a TI-BASIC derivative for calculators. TI-89 is also possible to develop more complex programs using computers. Another advantage is that IT-89 includes more flash memory available three times more for users.

Titanium TI-89 is basically a Voyage 200, except it does not have an integrated keyboard. TI-89 Titanium also has a USB port, which allows to connect to other TI-89 Titanium calculators or to connect to a computer for the purpose of saving programs or updating the operating system. Titanium TI-89 also features applications from other IT-calculators, such as “CellSheet”, a spreadsheet program that is also offered with other IT calculators. Titanium has a slightly updated CAS, which adds some mathematical functions, especially implicit differentiation.

Texas Instruments TI-89 vs TI-89 Titanium

NameTexas Instruments TI-89Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium
Key Features- High-resolution display with split-screen views - Computes symbolic solutions to differential equations - Input/output port and cable, also supports optional TI-graph link- Graphing calculator handles calculus, algebra, matrices, and statistical functions - 188 KB RAM and 2.7 MB flash memory for speed - Plenty of storage for functions, programs, data

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From the comparison above, we could say that Titanium TI-89 basically more than Texas Instruments TI-89. Why? Because Texas Instruments TI-89 is upgraded from TI89. So that’s why Titanium TI-89 has more capability rather than Texas Instruments TI-89

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