TI-30X IIS vs TI-30X

A graphing calculator isn’t a necessity for everyone’s mathematical needs. For many students, they just want the best scientific calculator they can get. Here are two best scientific calculators that we will discuss. They are TI-30X IIS vs TI-30X. We will find out the one which is really best for the students in mathematics or even science.

Overview-TI-30X IIS
The TI-30X IIS is getting along with TI-30X IIB, we can find out from their name S for solar powered and B for battery powered. They have been around since the late 90’s. The most important part of the TI-30X II’s name is the “II,” which tells you that this is a two line calculator. This means that students can enter their work on one line, press enters, and see the answer on a different line, with their work still displayed. If a mistake was made, just pressing up will go back to that work to allow editing. See also the comparisons between Casio fx-9750GII and Texas Instruments Ti-84.

TI-30X II is an advanced version of the previous one-line version of the calculator, but this is not the best calculator in this series anymore. In addition, special trigonometric values are returned as decimal estimates rather than exact radicals. But this is the right thing, that this standard is still used as a standard in almost all calculators, but for a fairly similar price. Then, the TI-30X Multiview will give you the right answer.

Overview-TI-30X Multiview
The newer advantages of the TI-30X Multiview do not only have two display lines and even up to four lines, each capable of displaying problems and answers. Its greatest strength is that everything can be entered exactly as it appears in textbooks. It also has a distinct advantage of returning the results for trigonometric functions. Therefore, this calculator makes it the only legal calculator ACT produced by Texas Instruments including with the ability of the graphics calculator line.

Feature Differences
TI-30X II can review previous entries and look for patterns. A two-line display on the screen shows an entry on the top line and shows the results on the bottom line. However, this is different from TI-30X. The four-line display on the screen type allows you to enter more than one calculation on the same screen.

TI-30X II, Students can easily browse the table (x, y) of the value for a given function, automatically or by entering a certain x value. While the TI-30X can perform advanced scientific functions, recognize π as a symbol in radian mode, and provide a menu that lets you choose the settings appropriate for your calculation needs. In addition, it can see scientific notation with the right superscripted exponents and see the output in scientific notation.

TI-30X II Calculator Adds reducing, multiplying, and dividing fractions that are included in the traditional numerator/denominator format. But the MathPrint feature, which can be used for expression display, symbols, and fractions as they appear in textbooks.

TI-30X IIS vs TI-30X

NameTI-30X IISTI-30X
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There are winners in hand in this competition, and this is the TI-30X Multiview. Some teachers may require an old IT-30X II school because they do not want students to have a calculator that makes fractions, radicals, or trigonometry so easy. However, if you are given a choice, it is difficult to understand why anyone would deliver to Multiview. Despite the fact that there is no additional cost, they could have an enormous added advantage in math and science classes.

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