TI 30XS Multiview vs TI 36X Pro

Looking for the best scientific calculator may not as easy as it seem and for many students, they just want the best scientific calculator out there that not only powerful but also friendly for the wallet. Even though most of them are having a similar price, they may not performs as good. In today TI 30XS Multiview vs TI 36X Pro article, we are going to compare these two similar items, to give you more information regarding what you can expect from both of them.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are TI 30XS Multiview and TI 36X Pro
– What TI 30XS Multiview and TI 36X Pro Look Like
– What TI 30XS Multiview and TI 36X Pro can offer to you
– TI 30XS Multiview vs TI 36X Pro

About TI 30XS Multiview
The TI 30XS Multiview is many people’s favorite scientific calculator. The unit comes with all the standard you are expecting to come in a scientific calculator but also much more. First of all, it is very user friendly and has a four-line display, which is also easy on the eyes and what’s more interesting is now the screen can be scrolled to view the previous and later whatever you are working on the calculator. For those who are looking for a calculator for SAT, ACT and AP exam, this one is a great option.

TI 30XS Multiview Design
As it has been mentioned earlier, the TI 30XS has a four-line display in 16 x 4 with an excellent 96 x 31 pixel resolution. In the keys layout, it still comes with the usual layout you can find in many other Texas Instrument out there if you ever used one before, which is organized in a way to help you finding what you are looking for with ease. It works by power from the sun and there is no port for plugging things in. Read also: TI 34 vs TI 30XS here.

TI 30XS Multiview Capabilities
Now let’s talk about the capabilities, TI 30XS has MATHPRINT feature similar like those many modern calculator out there. This feature will let the unit to print expressions the way they might appear in a textbook or handwritten while the classic mode will display expressions and answers as if written on one line, such as the fraction will appears as a thick like and a division will appear as a thin slash mark. However, some areas in MATHPRINT mode will also display in classic one line formats.

If in the older model, they only got 2 line view. The Multiview TI 30XS will let the calculator to display up to four lines and each one of them is capable of showing a problem and answer. The highlight here is you can input everything exactly the way it appears on textbook and it has a distinct advantage of returning exact result for trig functions. In fact, it not only can find the exact value for special trig values but also able to simplify radicals such as rationalizing denominators.

Besides that, the TI 30XS is also able to switch between improper and mixed numbers fractions or toggling between exact numbers and approximations while other function will benefit you in more complex test where mathematics are involved like the NCEES PE and FE. Another feature you may enjoy is the x,y table list and outputs that written in scientific notation.

About TI 36X Pro
When the TI 36X Pro was launched, the market is very quiet about it between the hype of color graphing calculator. This one should not to be confused with the regular 36X and it is said to be the life saver of high school and college students who are not allowed to use a graphing calculator. Just for an information, this model is actually based on the 30X that was sold in Europe around 2010 but because of the bugs, the unit is pulled from the market. Thankfully, this one now is released without the bug.

TI 36X Pro Design
Looking from the outside, the calculator looks like the twins brother of 30XS Multiview we have talked above. This one has a for line x 16-character display that will give you a plenty of room when using it to do some calculations as well as enough room for menus and apps while still being easy to read. It also still powered from sun since there is no port to plug anything to the unit. The keys layout is still the same familiar button.

TI 36X Pro Capabilities
Just like Multiview, the 36X Pro also has Texas Instrument’s MATHPRINT. This feature will let the calculator to print and receive input in the same form you usually write or those found in textbook or problem paper. Compared to the classic view, this view is indeed better since now they are easier to understand. In classic view, you will see a little confusing expressions and answers for they are written in on lines. For example the division operation will appear as a thin slash mark while the fraction bars will appear as a thick lines.

The calculator also has a helpful ability if you need to simplify a radical or you need an exact number answer because by default it will give you answers in fractional or simplified radical form. The capabilities don’t stop here, for a scientific calculator, this one has a plenty of different templates including one for derivatives and definite as well as indefinite integrals. It comes with 3 useful apps for algebra and algebra 2.

The first is numeric solver where you can type in any algebraic equation with one variable and let the calculator solve it for you. The second is polynomial solver to help you solve the roots of a polynomial with exponents up to 3 and the last is system solver to help you with a system of equations and give you the point at which they intersect.

Now, let’s compare TI 30XS Multiview with TI 36X Pro. Both of them are very similar with the four line display and MATPRINT feature. However, the 36X Pro is more powerful with capabilities mimicking a graphing calculator, such as the apps that will be helpful for both algebra and algebra 2; the numeric solver, polynomial solver, and system solver, which all not available in 30XS Multiview.

TI 30XS Multiview vs TI 36X Pro

NameTI 30XS MultiviewTI 36X Pro
Key Features- Four-line display - One- and two-variable statistics; Fraction/decimal conversion; Step-by-step fraction simplification - MathPrint feature - Edit, cut and paste entries - Solar and battery powered- Ideal for curricula in which graphing technology may not be permitted. - MultiView display shows multiple calculations at the same time on screen. - MathPrint shows math expressions, symbols and stacked fractions as they appear in textbooks

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are great and useful but taking the abilities into consideration, the 36X is more powerful with more features. From price point, they are also not that far apart, so if you want the better among them, go for TI 36X Pro.

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