TI 82 vs TI 84

TI 82 and TI 84 are two graphic calculators from Texas Instrument. These calculators are rich in features and almost equally dependable when it comes to the ability to help you with your class or course. Even though they are similar, both of them also come with some differences. To know more about these calculators, go check our article below.

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– TI 82 vs TI 84

About TI 82
TI 82 is one of Texas Instrument graphing calculator that has been around since more than two decades ago. Today, this calculator has been upgraded into more modern one with new design. This model is said to be one of the best budget tool, so it is not strange that TI 82 is popular among students who are currently trying to save their money for they may only used it for one of two classes.

TI 82 Design
From the outside, TI 82 looks like you classic calculator with a wide 8-line by 16-character display. This one is not solar powered, so you will need 4 AAA batteries to use it. The product measures at 10.4 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches in 10.4 ounces and the layout is still the standard Texas Instrument’s layout if you ever used one before, which is very easy to understand. For another similar calculators, check our article on TI 34 vs 30XS here.

TI 82 Features
TI 82 is powered with 6MHz Zilog Z80 microprocessor while the RAM is increased from its predecessor 2400 bytes to 28734 bytes. It also offers a basic set of graphing tools for mathematics and science coursework as well as compatible with TI-GRAPH LINK to connect the calculator with your computer. However, the software and cable should be purchased separately. The key functionality including, graph-table split screen, graphical analysis, plots, data analysis, tables, data lists, matrices, programming, and data collection.

About TI 84
TI 84 is one of the most popular Texas Instrument graphing calculator. The calculator was first released way back then and still continues to be popular even today. Chances are you may already know about the tool from your classmate, teachers or other people, for it is currently one of Amazon bestseller in the category. Similar to its older brother TI 82 that we have talked before, this one is also aimed at high school student and accepted on almost every standardized test including the ACT.

TI 84 Design
From the outside TI 84 looks just like your average graphing calculator with a wide 8-line by 16-character display. The unit is powered with four AAA batteries and weighing around 20 ounces. The calculator comes in different version, but most the standard version, which is TI 84 Plus comes in black color. Another version called the Silver edition comes with customizable faceplates.

T1 84 Features
TI 84 comes with 480KB ROM and 24K RAM as well as upgradable operating system. For the last few years, Texas Instrument has released at least two upgrades once in 2010 and later in 2011. These upgrades allow the calculator to finally have mathprint, a lot of new templates, and it also allow the user to scroll up to previous calculations and edit them as well as a series of pop up window by pressing the F1-F4 keys.

Now, let’s compare TI 82 with TI 84. From the design, the TI 84 looks more modern as the opposite of TI 82 classic look. From the screen TI 84 is friendlier to your eyes compared to the older brother. The most important difference between both is the ability to upgrade the operating system; the TI 84 is upgradable while the TI 82 is not.

TI 82 vs TI 84

NameTI 82TI 84
Key Features- Graphing calculator for math and science work - Computer connectivity enabled - Programming and data collection - 8-Line by 16-character display - 1-Year warranty- Real and complex numbers calculated to 14-digit accuracy and displayed with 10 digits plus a 2-digit exponent. Graphs 10 rectangular functions, 6 parametric expressions, 6 polar expressions, and 3 recursively-defined sequences

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All in all, the decision is all yours. In our opinion, you will still able to get by with TI 82, but if you need a better version between them, you should pick the more modern with better features TI 84.

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