TI 83 vs TI 82

Below, you will read the comparison between TI 83 vs Ti 82. They manufactured in the same company. They look identical in the first glance, but if you look it deeper, it will be different, whether in their buttons as well as their designs. For choosing the one that you really need it, you can keep reading this article.

– The overview of these two calculators
– The features that they owned

TI 83 and TI 82 are viable option in some exams, such as SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, AP and ACT exams. They are similar not only for their design, they also similar in their price. Admittedly, they are very similar at first glance. They have button layout, the displays, and a menu, and all of them are all almost the same. However, the TI-83 plus has some big benefits over the TI-82. It’s the screen. It has a better contrast and it make you easier to read. It has additional math features.

The features that the TI-82 lacks and you run into most often are involving the graphing, matrices, and degrees-minutes-seconds for trig. You can still stick with the TI-82, but it’s frustrating when you need one of those features and it does not exist. But, you need to realize that they have different internal gears. So, you are not allowed to satisfy yourself from one to the other.

Features comparison
In this comparison, you will read about the feature and find out the differences between these two models. We can start from the internal memory that they owned, both of these calculators do not support the flash memory. So, they are cool if you don’t care about the upgrading system. They have display screen in the same size. It is able to show 16×8 characters in 96×64 pixels.

In term of size, TI-82 is a little bit smaller rather than TI-83, though they have an identical thickness. Still, TI-82 will take less space rather than TI-83. They operate in the same processor, Zilog Z80 6 MHz, but they are armed with different amount of RAM. TI-82 has 28 KB RAM in total. While TI-83 has larger with 32 KB RAM in total. Moreover, TI-83 is likely to be able to perform faster especially on complex calculations. In addition, you can get a more convenient programming capability when you use TI-83. (See Also : Texas Instruments TI-83 vs Texas Instruments TI-85)

These two calculators are compatible with TI-BASIC and also Assembly languages. But TI-82 doesn’t fully support with Assembly. While,TI-83 model has built-in with Assembly support. TI-83 has high contrast display. It is also has many graph styles to choose from. So, you can use the variation of the graph style. It is already advanced in statistic and finance counting.

TI 83 vs TI 82

NameTI 83TI 82
Key Features- Graphing calculator handles calculus, engineering, trigonometric, and financial functions - Can display graphs and tables on split screen to trace graph while scrolling through table values - LCD screen features 64 x 96 pixel resolution for clear, readable display. The TI-83 Plus is approved for use on the following - Graphing calculator for math and science work - Computer connectivity enabled - Programming and data collection

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So, if we need to choose between them, the choice is plainly clear. You just need to standing up for TI-83. They are similar in their price. But for their performance and the capability, TI- 83 is performed better. So, it is the right choice if you want to find the better performance as well as the capability.

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