TI 89 vs HP 50g

TI 89 and HP 50g are two great graphing calculators available today. These two are packed with features and actually have similar specifications as well as abilities. For many users, Texas Instrument will be the absolute choice, but just to make sure you are picking the right tool, you may want to check our article below before making any purchase to help you know them better.

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– TI 89 vs HP 50g

About TI 89
For you who are interested in graphing calculator, the TI 89 name should ring a bell. The original version of this calculator was released in 1998 and the one in our article today is the Titanium version, which is released in 2004 and still available until these days as one of the best graphing calculator with a computer algebra system. For starter, this version is sleeker and comes with an operating system that can be updated. The company also still provides some free apps for the unit.

TI 89 Abilities
As it have been mentioned earlier, TI 89 has computer algebra system, so it is suitable for those in late high school or above. The calculator is able to solve equations both for numerical solution as well as answers that involves x. The CAS also able to be used to simplify algebraic and trigonometric expressions, integrate, differentiate, solve equations, and many more. The unit is legal for most standardized tests like SAT and AP, but not in ACT.

Graphing functions in TI 89 include the basic function graphing, polar graphing, parametric graphing, sequence graphing, polar graphing, 3D graphing as well as differential-equation graphing. The unit comes with 188 KB RAM and 2.7 MB flash memory, which is enough to store functions, program, data, and dependable speed.

About HP 50g
HP 50g is also a graphing calculator that has been around for quite some time. HP has produced many reliable hardware for business and consumers over the years and it doesn’t change with this calculator. Even though we compare this one with TI 89, the calculator is actually TI 84 Plus direct rival. Go check the article on TI 84 Plus C vs TI 84 Plus here for more information regarding the unit. Coming with feature rich and friendly price making this calculator popular among HP fans.

HP 50g Abilities
HP 50g comes with computer algebra system, so you can practically do what you can do in TI 89 in this calculator too. The algebraic system is also user-friendly with the usual four-function button, good numerical precision, extensive mathematics and graphic function, a library of physical constants as well as other programming features. Another useful ability in the calculator is the built-in lesson and step-by-step problem solving examples to give you a glance to the abstract concepts.

In the hardware, HP 50g has 75 MHz ARM processor, 2.5 MP total memory, new RS232, USB connectivity, and an SD card slot. Concerning all of these capabilities, the price offered for the calculator can be considered affordable.

Now, let’s compare TI 89 with HP 50g. Both calculators are alike and equally powerful enough for students. Both has CAS, has similar screen resolution as well as the ability to graph in 3D. What making HP 50g better than TI 89 is probably the expandable memory via an SD card slot. Another difference is it comes with RPN, which may attracts the method users.

TI 89 vs HP 50g

NameTI 89HP 50g
Key Features- Graphing calculator handles calculus, algebra, matrices, and statistical functions - 188 KB RAM and 2.7 MB flash memory for speed; plenty of storage for functions, programs, data- New display upgrade--the new HP 50g display features a 30% increase in usable space over the HP 49g+ - New powerful SD card slot allows you to format your card right in the calculator and expand memory

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both calculators work as great and you may choose them base on your taste or preference but seeing their price we should pick the most reasonable one and in this comparison we will recommend you the TI 89 for the lower price as well as great abilities.

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